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The most innovative brands are working with axess Intelligence to decode competitors' marketing strategies and increase their marketing ROI.
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Increasingly fast-moving times require a detailed and up-to-date understanding of competitive behavior and ever-shifting customer needs. axess Intelligence enables a clear view of the market by giving you access to previously inaccessible insights. Explore your competitor's CRM, identify opportunities and threats and stay ahead of the competition.

Scale & Granularity

axess Intelligence provides data and tools to monitor and analyze the customer relationship management of your competition.

Customer panel based data collection reveals detailed insights across markets, competitors, channels, customer groups and much more.

Explore the activities and strategies of your market participants and refine your own market strategy - in real time.


axess Intelligence provides you with automated competitive intelligence solutions.
Time wasted on tedious manual tasks belongs to the past. Instead, scale coverage, simplify workflows, reduce errors and set up automated reporting.

Spend time where it matters. Act on insights instead of tapping in the dark and wasting your time.

Collaboration Solution

Break-up data silos and connect cross-functional teams in your organization by leveraging the collaboration platform of axess Intelligence.

Create, collaborate and share detailed reports across teams to drive impact for your whole organization.

axess intelligence comes with an advanced tool stack for report creation with multiple data connections, kanban boards, competitor areas, battlecards, resource sharing, collaboration functionalities and much more.

Make the best out of your knowledge and leverage insights across the whole organisation.
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