Everything you need to know about your competitors' CRM

Until now, companies only had access to the generic marketing of their competitors. That changes with axess Intelligence. axess provides in-depth analyses of companies' CRM activities.

axess intelligence leverages customer panel-based data collection to capture all touchpoints between companies and customers. Cross-channel and customer segment-specific insights allows you to take the customer's perspective and understand customer decisions.

Understand your competitors’ CRM activities

Customer Segment Analyses

Answer segment-specific questions and reveal underlying strategies.

✓ Segment-specific pricing & promotions
✓ Segment-specific product offerings & cross-selling
✓ Segment-specific frequencies & timings

Customer Journeys

Access competitors' customer journeys and understand how customers are engaged by competitors at different stages of their lifecycle.

✓ Acquisition strategies
✓ Retention strategies
✓ Win-back strategies

Cross-Channel Distribution

Understand the orchestration of competitors' communication channels.

✓ Channel usage and coordination
✓ Content distribution
✓ Degree of personalization

Key Commercial Moments

Easy-to-understand analyses of the most important key commercial moments, e.g. Easter, Black Friday, Christmas...

✓ Applied strategies
✓ Outlook on future events
✓ Basis for own planning

Touchpoint Database

Explore the creatives of your competitors and find inspiration for your own

✓ Browse database of visual and text creatives
✓ Inspect HTML code of creatives
✓ Download touchpoints as HTML, jpegs, etc.

and much more...

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