Powerful and easy-to-use intelligence platform.

Designed to increase efficiency and ensure that insights are leveraged across the whole organization.


Access data and dive into various analyses

Advanced Reporting

Create meaningful reports, boards and battlecards

Collaboration Tools

Share, comment and collaborate on insights

Competitor Area

Access all competitor information in one place

Automation Workflows

Introduce automated reports and alerts

Data Extensions

Add resources and data via APIs


Access data and analytics at any time through the platform's interactive dashboards.

Various dimensions and filter options provide deep insights into competitors, customer groups, communication channels, and specific time periods.

All dashboard pages have advanced benchmarking capabilities for direct comparison of companies.

Advanced Reporting

Easily create and share insightful reports with drag and drop functionality and data connections.

Additional tools like boards and battlecards help to share insights about competitors in a meaningful way.

All tools come with country and team management functionalities to support global teams and ensure that insights reach the right people.

Collaboration Tools

Use rich collaboration functionalities for sharing, commenting and much more.

Receive notifications when updates are available and keep all stakeholders up-to-date.

Connect cross-functional teams and drive impact for the entire organization.

Competitor Areas

One place to find all information about your competitors. Organize data and insights in a meaningful way by linking competitors to reports, resources, battlecards, boards and much more.

Use features like tags and country management to keep it structured and easily accessible.

Keep it simple for everyone.

Automation Workflows

Staying up to date on competitor activities has never been easier.

Introduce alerts and automated competitor reports.

Receive information through your preferred channels, such as email, Slack, or Teams.

Data Extensions

Use our API connectors to add external data and shape the platform in your own way.

Search through all your insights in one place and export data at any time.

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Together we dive into the platform and discuss industry specific use cases
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